The Helping Hand Trust - Take Part!

Ways To Participate:


Apply to the Helping Hand Trust and conduct your research on marine life or barbary macaques independently or with the assistance of our team in Gibraltar. As a researcher you are welcome to stay at our field station in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

Visit our Research Field Station - Bruce's Lower Farm!

Be Curious!

Send us your pictures of species you have come across and wish to have identified. Call us or e-mail us with your questions about marine matters, we are always happy to be of help!

Come on Board!

Visit our office in 10, Queensway Quay, Gibraltar, and ask if we have a place for you on our research vessel Nimo. If we have the capacity, we will take you on a trip to the bay and show you the wonders of the sea.

Protect the environment via campaigning, improving habitats, funding projects or living respectfully within the environment of land and sea.