Gibraltar Bee Conservation

Bee keeping for the helping hand started quite by accident some ten years ago, when it was noted that bee swarms were exterminated when they were close to populated areas. With all the problems there are with bees and hive collapse around the world we feel fortunate that when swarms are now seen we get called in to collect them and relocate them to the upper rock nature reserve. Our program of bee conservation has been covered by the local press, and we are now called by Government departments and the public at large when bee swarms are seen.

Swarm Notifications

On notification of a swarm we drop everything we are doing and move quickly, Swarms don’t hang around waiting for you, what they need is a new home and if a scout comes in telling the rest that one has been found they are off and gone. Collection on our part is quite easy once you know how, collecting swarms is not for the untrained, so as they say don’t try this at home, call someone in who can do the job. We collect these swarms and re-house them in conventional hives all ready fitted out with wax frames. Down through the years we have only had one swarm that left having been re housed.  

Saving the Bee!

Saving the bee is coming to the forefront in visual portrayal of live conservation to the point where we are now providing the local Botanical Gardens, run by Gibraltar Wildlife, with a bee population – the hive for which they have provided. The part played by the Helping Hand, was to provide the bees and insure that it was viable bee colony before moving it to its final locating in the Alameda Gardens, were it will be seen and used for the education of schools and the general public on why bees are important to our environment.

Contact Information

Should you need to report a bee swarm or wildlife problem please either:

Contact the police on (+350) 20072500 or 199 if it is an emergency. They will redirect your call to our team or pass the message on to the team.


Contact environment Dept on (+350) 20065964 who will take your message and contact the team.