Campaigning - Improving the Environment

It was us who exposed the deliberate mutilation of dolphins by Spanish fishermen in 1995. Once the evidence was released to the world media, Governments acted quickly to stop the cruelty (see our article Dolphins - Research & Protection ).

We are working to encourage tuna game fishermen to tag and release their catch, instead of killing and selling the fish to restaurants. Tagging the fish can provide important biological data on marine ecology, while returning the tuna to the sea helps sustain the stock which local fishermen depend upon for their livelihood. In 2006 we exposed the 'grey area' methods of tuna fishermen regarding import and export and also could prove that their means of fishing posed a danger to other species such as whale shark (see our article Tuna - Stopping Illegal Import & Export ).

Below you can see some examples of campaigns we have been engaged in: