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Helping Hand Trust - Conservation for the Environment

Our charity's main aims are marine conservation and dolphin research. We specialise in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) on marinas and golf courses and constructed Europe's first artificial reef. During regular boat and diving expeditions we monitor local marine life; our findings have been featured internationally at conferences and in the media. We assist scholars from all over the world in their research and also engage in terrestrial research and conservation projects. These include projects as diverse as bee-keeping and primatology, the founder of the Helping Hand Trust, Dr Eric Shaw, is also contracted via the Gibraltar Government to supervise the free-ranging monkeys within Gibraltar's Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

Modern Monkey Management

The future of Gibraltar’s macaques is looking brighter than ever (see our facebook post). But it took more courage and determination than you might think, so in this article we’re going to talk though the journey to what is sure to become one of the greatest success stories for modern conservation and wildlife management.

How do you know you’re doing the right thing? For any project to be successful you must investigate solutions thoroughly. If mistakes are made along the way you must recognise and learn from them, and always be willing to adapt.

Ideals of Macaque Management Guided by Research

Dr Eric Shaw became interested in getting more students and independent researchers to study and work in Gibraltar, after hitting on the idea that if he lived for 1,000 years he still wouldn’t have all the answers, but with 1,000 students searching he might get closer.

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